InternLM2.5-7B-Chat-1M is a conversational AI model by Hugging Face featuring a 7 billion parameter model tailored for practical scenarios, boasting an outstanding reasoning capability, especially in math reasoning, and the ability to handle 1M-long context which is exceptional for long-context tasks. It is designed to perform well in complex tool usage, supporting the gathering of information from a vast number of web pages for analysis and inference. People might want to use it for building sophisticated AI agents capable of engaging in detailed conversations, providing reliable multi-turn tool interactions, and completing complex tasks which require understanding and generating long-form content. Its utility spans across customer service, virtual assistance, research, and any domain that benefits from deep natural language understanding and generation.

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A conversational AI model designed for in-depth dialogues and complex reasoning tasks.
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A conversational AI model designed for in-depth dialogues and complex reasoning tasks.
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